About Us

Welcome to our hub of concierge services for connecting businesses and individuals to tradespeople, artisans, vendors and other service providers in Nigeria. From home and business maintenance services, cleaning services, courier and delivery services to business support services and branding consultation, our extensive registry and network provides you with quick and easy access to our wide range of certified and trustworthy service providers and artisans.

We are the home and business concierge that you can trust to adequately vet the service providers you require to ensure that the service is cost-effective, the turn-around time is efficient and the service or work is of good quality. Be it business or individual needs, we act as your single service provider so that you can maintain one focal point of contact for all your home and business support needs. We offer both standalone and retainer services.


Looking for experienced and trusted service providers can be quite tasking. Our mission is to make this process stress-free and convenient, without the anxiety of cost or service quality. Through us, you can rest assured that the execution of our service and delivery will always reflect quality, efficiency, humility and reliability.

We are a socially-minded business that prides ourselves on people training and development. We periodically offer incentivized vocational training programs to ensure that all our registered tradespeople are qualified to do the work

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