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We have access to a wide network of electricians, mechanics, plumber, etc, that provide home maintenance services to individuals or facility management services to businesses.


Domestic Assistance

We work with a team of efficient and honest housekeepers, including cleaners, cook, gate-man and grocery shopping assistants to provide you with competence staff to help manage your home.


Courier and Delivery

We have a team of drivers that provide courier and delivery services, and miscellaneous errands to individuals and businesses within Lagos and its surroundings. 


Car Servicing

Our network with auto-workshops allows us offer pick-up, drop-off and supervision at the workshop during your car servicing. We also run a virtual reminder service so that you never miss a service.


Airport Protocol

Our airport protocol services covers airport pick-up and drop-off in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt, check-in assistance and airport fast-track services in Lagos. We also offer car rentals in Lagos.


Business Support

We offer administration, branding, PR, personal assistant and project management services and also personnel hire services to individuals and businesses looking to temp or outsource.

Our Services

- Tradespeople

- Courier and Delivery

- Airport Protocol

- Domestic Assistance

- Car Servicing

- Business Support

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

Sun: 7am - 3pm

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Contact Us

To request for any of our services, use our booking form or contact us via:

Tel: 234-703-798-1705